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Main Reasons Why Your Partner Hasn't Said “I Love You” Yet


Why is it so hard for some people?

Reveal the reasons behind it!

Well, for example, you are just starting a relationship. And this moment of the first declaration of love is delayed. You are waiting, and your partner stays silent.

Or another example: you have been in a relationship for many years, but your partner rarely makes declarations of love.

Well, there are reasons for it:

Actually, it is quite hard for many people to express their feelings. For example, in our society, many guys are raised with the thought that boys should be strong and impenetrable, should not cry or be gentle. In this case, a man is afraid of «acting like a girl» and losing his self-esteem. Just imagine that he once confessed his love to a girl at school, and she made laugh of him in front of the whole class. No surprise he is afraid of expressing his feelings…

Any person can be afraid that his/her feeling is not mutual. And then what to do with it? So you need to make sure that your partner sincerely loves you.

Some people take confessions of love too seriously. And they will not talk about love until they are 100% sure of their feelings.

What to do about it? Accept the situation as it is and slowly learn to talk about feelings in your relationship. Watch your partner’s actions, not words, because they often prove much more.

But your partner will also appreciate your actions. Do you want declarations of love? First of all, confess your love to yourself! 
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