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What Makes Men and Women So Similar?

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The similarities between genital organs

Women and men are different.

But they have a lot in common.

You may be surprised, but the structure of male and female genital organs is quite similar.

Did you know that for up to 7 weeks, the genitourinary system of the fetus develops in a common way? 🧐

And only after around 20 weeks, do the gender differences in the structure of the genital organs become more obvious.

But nature does not have special tissues and materials to create different genital organs for men and women. Their structure and functionality are very similar.

For example:
- a man has a penis (average size - 9-16 cm), a woman has a clitoris (average size - 8-20 cm);
- the penis head in a man, the clitoris head in a woman;
- a man has a scrotum, a woman has large labia;
- a man has a foreskin, a woman has small labia;
- a man has testicles, a woman has ovaries.

That’s how similar we are! What’s more? The mechanism of orgasm as a reflex of the nervous system works the same for us.

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