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Initiate Sex When You Want to - Yes or No?

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Is it ok to be the initiator in bed?

Let's discuss your sex activity and how initiative you should be!

Some women believe that they shouldn’t initiate any sеxual activity because it’s always up to men.
They assume that when their partners want sеx, they have to satisfy their desire. And if a man doesn't want to have sex, a woman needs to wait when he's in the mood.

You can blame the influence of your childhood for such thoughts. What were we taught?
➖ Good girls should not be active in sеx. Men are conquerors, they can lose interest if a woman is more active.
➖ If you are actively initiating sеx, he will think that you are a prostitute or that you have slept with many partners.
➖ If you are super active, a man will relax and stop caring for you, seeking to have sеx with you.

Because of such thoughts, women are afraid to take the initiative or tell their partners about their desires.
For us, there are no boundaries in sеx and we are always FOR you to become the initiator too.

Believe us, a normal, adequate man will be happy to know that you can be open about your desires and that he is desired and loved.

But if your man shames you for being active in sex, then it’s all about his complexes and fears. It’s not your fault, you have nothing to do with it.

🔥 So if you want sex - tell or write about it to your partner.
🔥 If you want to give a blоwjob - there is nothing to be shy about, just do it.
🔥 Show your abilities in bed and don't blame yourself for your desires.

Think about how you feel about taking the initiative in sеx. Maybe you try to hide your inner desires.

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