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How To Use a Condom To Avoid Pregnancy and STDs?

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What are the safety rules?

A condom is one of the most reliable ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy and STDs. It has a theoretical Pearl index of 2 (which means 98% protection), and in practice, it's about 12 (88%).

You can ask me why there is a difference of 10%. When it comes to pregnancy or STDs, 10% seem to be very serious.

But the point is... we don't know how to use condoms and make a lot of mistakes that can have a negative impact on our safety.

  • The first mistake is not to release air from the head of the condom when putting it on. Air creates excess pressure from the inside, and some condoms can simply burst. 
  • The second mistake is to put on a condom in the end, and not from the very beginning of the process. The prejaculate also contains sperm, and a man may not really control himself during this phase. Sometimes a man can't feel that he is reaching an orgasm.
  • Mistake number three is using a condom of the wrong size. Some men prefer to buy XXL to show off and then these condoms can fall off. The problem is that conventional condoms are not suitable for people whose penises differ from the “standard” ones. (And what is a “standard” anyway? Where did it come from? This is another issue). The penis can be of great length, but wide. Or thin, but long. The condom should fit well.
  • Mistake number four is to buy condoms in some unreliable places where storage rules may be violated. And there is no certainty that this is not a fake condom.

What else? It's crucial to store condoms properly. Of course, not in the refrigerator, but carrying it in the back pocket of your jeans is also a bad idea. Regular creasing has a bad effect on latex.

Also, never open condoms with your teeth, only with your fingers. Don't let the condom dry out. Do not use latex condoms with an oil-based lubricant.

If you follow these rules, you have a higher chance to avoid unwanted consequences. 


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