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How To Find Erogenous Zones On A Penis?

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3 powerful hot zones to make him cry out in ecstasy

Do you think only you have a map of erogenous zones? No! Your partner also has one, but of course most of them are concentrated in the penis area!

So, how do you know where to touch it to make him experience pleasurable sensations? And where you should never touch him?

1️⃣The part of the penis that is above the frenulum is a powerful erogenous zone. It responds more intensively to oral caresses and touches, but at the same time it also reacts sharply to painful sensations.

2️⃣The upper part of the head that protrudes during an erection contains a bunch of nerve endings and its additional stimulation will delight any guy.

3️⃣And here is the urethral orifice - the weakest and most ambiguous erogenous zone.
Some men experience pain when a woman tries to caress this area, or feel nothing at all, so be careful and watch your partner's reaction.

All these three zones are very powerful ;)

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