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How to Choose Your First Sex Toy?

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Best options for a hot game 

Five sеx toys for beginners

For people who have no experience in using sеx toys, it can be hard to overcome the embarrassment and ask a consultant in a sеx shop a question. And without help, choosing a toy feels like an impossible task.

For newbies, we've prepared a special list of five sex toys that give max pleasure:

1. Fixers, masks, and handcuffs
Various things that create a playful mood are perfect for those who are still very shy or afraid to choose the “wrong” toy. And they will add excitement. Physical - to a partner who is wearing this mask or handcuffs. And psychological - to a partner who gets the leading role in the sexuаl game.

2. Vibrаtion Bullet or Vibrating Egg
Micro vibrators do not cause embarrassment to anyone, because they do not look like a phallus. And if your man is worried that there will have a second role in your bed, show him that vibrаtors can now look completely not like competitors.

3. Classic vibrаtor
Ideally, it is made of metal or medical silicone. It will be easy to care for and there will be no special tricks to use. Darer girls can purchase a rabbit vibrаtor 🐰 which simultaneously stimulates from the inside and outside.

4. Lubricаnts
There are lubes with warming components that bring pleasant warmth to your vagina. And there are also "liquid vibrаtors". They create sensations of a pleasant burning sensation or a tingling chill in the intimate areas ;) Applying lubricаnt to erogenous zones is not hard at all.

5. Egg Mаsturbator
It’s a device that will give a new pleasant feeling to a man. In fact, it’s made of tactilely pleasant material. It is put on the male organ and then, using manual techniques, a person moves this thing along the partner’s skin, giving him pleasure. It's definitely worth a try!

This is our top five! Choose something for yourself and enjoy experimenting ;)

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