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What To Do If You Don't Have Energy For Sex?

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How To Find Energy To Play In Bed? 

Do you have enough energy for sex?

After work, many of us want one thing - to have a good and deep sleep.

We constantly feel tired and stressed.
There is no surprise that the partners start thinking: "We live like neighbors." or "The passion is gone."

What can you do about it?

Understand and accept that you need to work on this situation. You need to make an effort to improve the intimate part of your life.

Get a sex schedule.
"But what about spontaneity and intrigue? It's all fake!".
If there is no other way, then that’s fine. And follow this schedule without excuses. If it's "sex on Wednesdays," then do it. Additional acts outside the schedule are welcome.
This will reduce the tension between partners: both will be waiting and preparing for this day. Over time, when everything comes back to the norm, you can forget about the schedule.

Choose a different time for sex.
Why only at night? Try to have it in the afternoon or morning. It’d be better to do it when you are most active and full of energy. Change places, this will also increase interest.

✨Relax and delegate.
Plan your day and use some help. A cleaning service will clean the apartment. And your assistant will prepare the report for you. And your grandmother and grandson will have a great time together. Choose your priorities.

Ask yourself: "Not enough energy for sex - is this the real reason for the lack of sex?" Or is the problem somewhere else?
Maybe there are constant conflicts in the family or you do not like sex (f.e., you don’t achieve orgasms). Then the brain “removes” the intimate part of life as "unnecessary" because it’s "not bringing any benefit or pleasure."

Figuring it out on your own is not easy. You need to ask yourself the right questions and look for answers, explore yourself

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